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    Hi there,

    Up for sale is my silver 2000 b5 s4 which i have owend for the past 10 years. I purchased back in 09 completly stock standard then in 2012, did what a young-first full time job-single-no mortgage young lad would do and poured silly amount of money into the car. Here are some of the parts added;

    -BW K04 turbos
    -JHM Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch Combo w B7 RS4 Pressure Plate
    -AWE side mount intercoolers
    -AWE 3" dump pipe into 2.75" twin 1 exhaust
    -Bosch EV14 550cc injectors
    - Forge 008 diverter valves
    -Bosch 044 fuel pump
    -BMC carbon air box
    -Autobahn 88 silicon hoses
    - RS4 engine mounts

    -AWE drivetrain stabiliser
    -KW V3 coilovers
    -JHM transmission mounts
    -034 rear sway bar
    -Apikol rear diff mount
    -034 street density control arms

    -B7 rs4 reps
    -stock calipers with DBA 4575xs rotors and HAWKS pads (Front)
    - RDA rotors with remsa pads ( rear)

    -JHM knurled weighted shift knob
    -HKS evc 6 electronic boost controller.
    -OEM RS4 grill
    -Cupra R lip

    -Oil changed every 5000kms with Mobil 1
    -Timing belt and water pump changed last year
    -New alternator changed last year
    -Brand new rear boot and rear bumper. got rear ended last year $9k job but at fault drivers insurance company forked the cost.

    -Slight oil leak ( as you do in a B5 S4). But i change oil every 5000km and have not needed to top up.
    - Heater core exchange hose corroded and snapped off late last year and instead of swapping a new one in, just by passed it. only means no heater available but i've never used it and hey, we're in
    - Starter motor is slowly on its way out and as such price is reflected, will aim to have it fixed prior to sale or sell as is for the asking price.

    Was tuned by Rigoli racing running a piggy back EMS stinger ECU from 2012 to 2018. Got me good numbers 257awkw on 21psi, however, didnt like the reliability and towards end of last year car was re tuned by Dave at SAS off original ECU with oem plugs and sensors, so now running off the RS4 85mm hitachi MAF at 217awkws at 18psi.
    Car is now running much smoother, no cold start issues, no boost cut outs etc.

    Thought i'd post the ad up here first to see if i can offload her to an enthusiast before advertising elsewhere.

    Asking for $14,000

    Thanks for looking,im sure there lots more ive forgotten but please feel free to ask questions.

    Will post more recent pics
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    stage III B5S4

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    I belive i have seen this car around bonnyrigg mainly Elizabeth drive ..very clean very nice !

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    Thanks mate, yeah i live in Bossley park and take Elizabeth to work everyday.

    Forgot to mention, car has 251XXXkms. A bulk of the stage 3 upgrades like turbos, clutch, fuel pump etc were installed at 196000kms.

    Coilovers i bought off a forum member here with about 10k kms on it, ive since put maybe another 10. Car handles very well and flat through the bends with hardly any understeer, unless pushed hard in the wet. Tyres are yokohama advan AD08 with decent tread still.

    stage III B5S4

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