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Thread: MY18 RS3 1000km service took a turn for the worst

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    Default MY18 RS3 1000km service took a turn for the worst

    Was dropping my car off, plenty of chat around how good the car looked and how much care I take with it, service guy jumps in to move it and sideswipes a wall.

    I've now got the worry of Jetpilot repair guys attempting to craft a new style-line on the rear quarter panel where it's been punched flat, to top it off it's a gloss black repair :S

    The wheel took a hit as well FML!

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    Not good. I needed to have the whole side of my car repainted c/o a tiny dent (pearlescent white). Made them do it twice because the first attempt (done by the only Audi approved panel repair place in Brisbane) was rough. I still don’t feel it’s totally right. If it was me, I would want to have a discussion with the dealer principal about replacing the car. It’s basically new and was their fault. Just me and it’s probably a pipe-dream, but its just hard to get them right when something like that happens.

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    They'll have to do the whole side of the car to make sure it matches.... Make sure that you get the repair place details so you can go and check it out when they are working on it to make sure it gets done properly..

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    Ouch!!! Wtf!

    I would of tackled the service guy to the ground if i witnessed that ....

    As others have stated before, ensure the repair is carried out professionally and properly .....

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    Disappointing to see. I hope they do the right thing by you.

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    I was actually in a bit of shock when I saw it, his description of "I put a scratch on the car when I rubbed against the side" didn'tquite reflect the reality of flattening the arch and grating the paint off on a wall.

    I have a casual relationship with the GM (played golf with them) negotiated previous Audis etc etc. So will be expressing my concern ofachieving a factory finish on a black car, and wanting them to personally inspect the job before even getting me down there. If it doesn't look how itrolled out of the factory then I will not be accepting it. I'm talking colour,spray finish and gloss level...the whole lot.

    I also want a new wheel, not a repair. I didn't pay that much for a car to get a repair jobby.It's an Audi approved repairer, but saying that it was also being serviced by Audi when this happened.

    I've now got countless people traversing my spotless interior, most likely leading to further damage

    FFS I've had it 8 weeks today and 4 of those it's been in storage, so disappointed. I held it together while there, but as the evening goes on I'm furious!!!!

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    I’ve had a car damaged by a dealer, so I know your pain! With a bit luck the respray might look better than the original - look at the orange peel effect in the paint above the damage

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    I hope they gave you another RS3 or better as loaner...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beanoyip View Post
    I hope they gave you another RS3 or better as loaner...
    Wishful thinking, a FWD A3 seems to be the car 'du jour' this will be a discussion point when I eventually get contacted regarding the fix time. A TTS, S5 or RS3 I would deem more adequate given the deprivation of my car due to negligence.

    would have also thought a timely call from a senior employee would have occurred, much like the lacklustre purchase experience this incident is following an RS3 that much of a base model?!?!?!

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    Ouch that sucks.

    Feel for you man.

    Do you know where they plan to repair it? Is it one of the listed Audi approved shops?

    My previous Ara Blue (Crystal Paint) was in the approved shop for 6 weeks with a full repaint the whole RHS of car after a relatively small scrape on driverís door!
    Good paint job especially considering how much I stressed how fastidious I am about colour matching and Metamerism.

    Good luck.

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