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Thread: best place to wreck A4 B7 melbourne

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    Hi, I've got a 2007 B7 A4 which has done 120,000k, and the cam chain died just before christmas. Not terribly pleased, because it's pretty tidy apart from that, and been regularly serviced.

    It's done all sorts of damage - at least four valves bent, stripped the timing belt etc. etc. etc. Still haven't got a repair price from my usual local service shop (not dealer!), but looks like it'll be at least $4k, maybe more...

    So, given the car is worth perhaps $6-8k - at best, wondering about wrecking it, because all the parts (apart from the engine!) are good so there's lots of good parts on it.

    Any thoughts on a specialist wrecker in Melbourne that might give me a good price? (Any thoughts about how much I could ask for it? what's it worth with a dead motor?)

    Cheers - Kabbage.

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    To be honest, most wreck places won't give you much, since they want to make $$$ from pulling it apart
    Better off parting it out yourself and selling individual pieces, is it s line model?

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