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Thread: A5 8T - Air con blowing hot air only

  1. Question A5 8T - Air con blowing hot air only

    Hello all,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. The aircon on my 2013 A5 sportback recently all of a sudden stopped blowing cold air, and now only blows warm/hot air. Of course this happens right in the middle of summer!

    Took it to my local mechanic and he cant see anything obvious with the gas etc so wants to take the whole front air con panel out of the car to look further.

    Has anyone had a similar issue?

    I've read issues of rocks damaging compressors through the gaps in the front grill, but would this lead to no air blowing out, rather than no cold air?

    thanks in advance
    PS - I'm a new member, will have a poke around when I'm bored at work!

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    I had a guy recently tell me it happened to his old b7 and all he had the compressor changed, then bled the system
    Not sure what he meant but it seemed to work for him
    Possibly check that out

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    Im told there was an error code for the air con pressure sensor being faulty. First mechanic quoted me $1100 to fix it! Cost of the part being about $250. On to to get another quote!

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