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Thread: Any Audi enthusiasts in Tassie?

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    Default Any Audi enthusiasts in Tassie?

    I see from the threads someone tried to start a club in Tas back in 2016. Did it ever get off the ground? Are there any members in the Apple Isle?

    Reason I ask is I had a bit of trouble with my TT a couple of weeks ago when I was driving around Tas (I live in southern NSW).

    Long story short, I split a radiator hose in Sorell and had to get her towed in for repairs in Hobart. Between driving her off the RACT flatbed and picking her up a couple of days later, the RH top engine mount had mysteriously broken and that side of the block was hanging down by at least three inches. They assured me it wasn't a problem, so I paid and got in and drove her down the street.

    I'd hardly gone a few metres when this ungodly clanking/banging started up from beneath the motor. I thought the car was going to expire in the middle of the street but I got her right back to the repairer. He twice refused to put the car up on the hoist, assuring me they'd already done that and everything underneath was OK. They had road tested her, and she was definitely fit to drive to Melbourne where I could have her checked again.

    At very reduced speed, she got me just north of Oatlands where she ground to a halt with no oil in the engine - reason being a large hole in the sump. The noise sounded more like a CV joint banging against something on the chassis - so loud I evidently didn't hear the sump dragging on the road.

    I'm not going to give out the details of the repairer as I will be making a claim on his insurance. I'm just wondering if anyone in Hobart has had similar experiences with a Euro workshop in the city?

    Thanks all
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    What a pack of d%$#kheads. So many great driving roads here and you had that happen. What happened to the car, repaired locally or floated back to Melbourne.
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