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Thread: '16 RS3 Service.

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    Default '16 RS3 Service.

    The reason for that wear is because of the toe in setup from factory(assist in turn in, understeer). I just had mine adjusted after 6000km on the clock to reduce the toe in(more neutral setup), havenít had a chance to drive it properly to see if my turn in, understeer and handling has changed allot or been compromised ...

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    I think you could be onto something.
    I have a front toe-out setup. it feels great to drive especially corner entry and mid corner. Very flat through roundabouts.
    Suspension setting in ‘Auto’.
    This is probably why I’m getting the scrubbing.... (toe-out).
    I’m heaps gentle with the car.... 99.9% of the time.....
    Those tyres were over 30,000ks old with heaps of tread left in the middle of them.
    Will keep you lads posted.
    I also think that the front tyres (255) are too wide for the 8.5 inch rim. Maybe a 245 or 235 would be better.....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTRS3 View Post
    Hi mate...
    Mine was only the inner front driver's side.
    The left was perfect!

    Good to hear about your GTSR...... Awesome car.
    I kinda miss my VF Senator SV......
    Mine was inner left driver's side too!...but in our case the passenger side would not be as worn as earlier we had to replace the passenger front after damaging the tire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTRS3 View Post
    I also think that the front tyres (255) are too wide for the 8.5 inch rim. Maybe a 245 or 235 would be better.....?
    Your tyre size may not suit the suspension settings but 255 on an 8.5 rim is fine. The old B5 RS has that as standard and I'm getting perfectly even wear right across the tread face.
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    Cheers for that IchBautAuto.

    Mod has been done to lower control arm and she feels nice and smooth as before.
    Arm was corrected to get an extra 1/2 deg. camber so as to be the same as other side.
    She drives dead straight and the steering wheel is also perfectly centred.
    I'm still not convinced as to why one side would be so worn.
    As stated before, my car is fairly low but I don't think that this would be the cause.
    Pity our cars don't have a great deal of adjustability on the front.

    Enjoy your weekend lads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTRS3 View Post
    What else was included in the service for that cost? Oil/Filter....and?

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    Pollen filter
    Washer Add.
    Fuel Add.
    Sump plug
    Air filter
    Spark plugs
    Engine flush
    And.............. remote batteries

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