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    Hi All,

    New to this forum so hello.Hope your all good.

    I purchased my first toy aged 46 late last year, private sale from Sydney of a 2008 (8J) manual TTS. Just a beautiful looking car. 96000Ks

    Anyway drove it home to Brisbane from Sydney, just a dream. Fastest car I've ever owned. (Now needs to be faster but that's a different story)

    Got home fairly late and showed it to my son the next morning who promptly asked when sat behind the wheel with engine running "whats that hiss?". Of course that was it, as soon as I tuned in i couldn't UN hear it . So symptoms - constant hiss from brake pedal but hiss goes when applying the brake. got down in the footwell and could pinpoint the "VACUUM" hiss under the grey rubber gator around the brake booster rod that attaches to the brake pedal.
    I ran with it for as long as I could bare having discovered that the only remedy is a new brake booster. It was obvious to me the only way that was going to happen was for the engine to be either removed or at best lowered to make room for the huge booster module. I finally bit the bullet and handed the keys to my local Euro specialist, Bavarian Motors. They did there best to try without moving the engine but it was no good, it had to be lowered and job was done. Mick kindly waved the hours for them trying different removal techniques at getting the booster out and charged accordingly for a default motor drop in the end. Top man. Part was 800 bucks part number 8J2 614 105 P from Audi. Couldn't source a new one anywhere else

    Hissing now stopped. I stripped the old booster and can find no damage or wear to relevant seals?????

    Anyway, happy TTS owner again
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    Late reply but this seems fairly common, at least on Mk2 TT's.

    My TTRS has hissing brake pedal since I've had it (5yrs), but can barely be heard over the exhaust, & only by the driver. My research back then told me not to bother changing it as it could come back again with the new booster (I hope OP's doesn't) & it has no affect on braking (source - many track days).

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    Relevant to me, too. After 3 years' ownership of a 2010 TT RS and having a PPI prior to sale, the tech came back from the test drive and noted "hissing from brake pedal - possible new brake booster required." This was a complete surprise to me, as I couldn't hear it at all, my hearing having been blitzed by many years of motorsport and loud music. Needless to say, I was quite concerned and consulted Dr Google and came up with results as above... "Replace the booster $$$" to "They all do that sir!". Also tester noted no effect on brake performance, so purchaser was happy to accept. I would have left it as has the above poster if I had decided to keep the car.
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