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Thread: RS5 holding its revs Vacuum Leak??

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    Default RS5 holding its revs Vacuum Leak??

    Hi all

    Every now and then my 2011 RS5 seems to hold its revs in low range. I.e, sitting in traffic on freeways. Revs lift to around 1200 and stays there. Doesn't happen all the time and switching through comfort/auto/dynamic etc makes no difference

    Has anyone had such issues. Vacuum leak?

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    Had this problem with my M6 V10
    Thought it was a faulty thermostat it turned out it was a o2 sensor in the left bank. Not sure about Audiís but if you have faulty or dirty o2 sensors it will put out your catalytic adaptations. When the values where out my idle speed would sit at 1000rpm

    So I guess you can check that out make sure all your adaptations are good.
    Also check ya engine temp

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