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Thread: 3.0 TDI Rear Engine Oil Leak

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    Hi Guys, new to Audi ownership and just picked myself up an Audi Q7 MY11 3.0 TDI CJGA with what appears to be a leaking rear main seal. I bought the car with the leak, and the seller was up front and offered me a substantial discount to account for it (we both knew what Audi charges to fix such a leak). I did a lot of research before purchasing the vehicle and am confident I can fix the leak at home for a fraction of the price even if I purchase some of the Engine specific tooling required. The part i'm chasing assistance with is to help with identifying the source of the leak before I start tearing it apart and find I wasn't 100% correct.
    When I purchased the car, it was due for a service and decided to take it to my local Audi dealer to have it done and get it checked over thoroughly. I removed the under body covers and degreased the car the weekend before to assist with finding the source of the leak. When I picked it up, I was told that it was an upper sump oil leak, and that it often presents as a rear main seal, and very rarely was it actually that. They said it's an engine out job to remove the upper sump.
    That comment has me stumped. From my research, I am familiar with the upper sump and that the engine needs to come out to get to it, where as the Rear Main can be done in the car with the gearbox removed; however from where the oil leak is coming from, I don't see how it could be the upper sump interface could be causing the leak that I have.
    I've attached a diagram of the engine exploded indicating where the rear timing chain cover seals against the sump, and there is no engine to upper sump interface that can leak, only the interface between the timing chain cover and the sump. Which can be fixed by removing the timing chain cover (which I am doing anyway to replace the chain tensioner). I've also attached a pic indicating where the oil is leaking out from.
    Am I missing something? I'm fairly confident that if I remove the gearbox and the timing chain cover, replace the chain tensioner and reseal the cover and install a new rear main seal, my oil leak will disappear. I don't see why I would need to remove the engine and renew the sealant interface between the block and the upper sump.
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    Is it a white Q7 bought in Melbourne? If so, I know the car.

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    No sorry, a Dark Blue one in QLD. In shopping around for this car though, I came across another white one in NSW for sale (privately) which appeared to have the same leak. I doubt it's not a common leak. I did hear from somewhere when I was researching prior to purchasing that the rear main was a common leak, but local Audi dealer is saying it's always the upper sump, not the rear main. The only think I can think of is that they are confusing my model with older ones that maybe had a different seal arrangement at the back of the upper sump??

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