Hello Mates,

I am planing to retrofit Bi Xenon Adaptive AFS Headlight to my 3.0 TDI 2015 Non AFS ( PRCode : (8BP, 8EH, 8Q3). I know nothing about this can nay one help me with the required parts and the DYI procedure.

I am more after the cornering lights in the headlight(Dynaminc Cornering), I have the cornering enable via fog-light and it works fine. But one int eh headlight assembly look and light-up the area much better.

For Australia (RHD) i have the headlight part number as

Left - 8R0941753C
Right - 8R0941754C

Questions :

1. Do i need another parts.
2. What coding do i need to enable it.
3. Can any one guide me to DIY procedure.