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    Hi All,
    Read if you want to spend 15min learning a few issues I went through and how OzAudi saved me some $$.
    I purchased my first VAG last year, as a 2nd hand 2015 S3. Total noob, but know my way with sales & numbers. Total inc GST was $38k, I won't say the dealer, but as a clue, it rhymes with "Penfold Burwood", and my god did I learn a lesson from it. They totally tried to screw me over in several ways, but worst was the tyre switcheroo and claiming to have serviced it. It had Contisport5s when I test drove it, however they didn't pass roadworthy so they "replaced them". The replacement? Dayton DT50s. A tyre so obscure it took me a fair search to even figure out who makes them! I would have gladly paid the difference to put on PZeros or for a set of matching the rear Conti5s. Dodgy. Other thing was they put a sticker on the inside windshield with the next serivce date, and said it was serviced.
    On collection day the spare key fob wasn't included even though it was confirmed to be, when I test drove it. Also, I had haggled for an included iPhone MMI cable, they gave me a USB adaptor...
    Eventually they "found" the spare key fob and handed it over; first thing I did was push it to see if it worked...not working, and the sales guy said its to the wrong fob. I said can I check if just the battery is flat. So, held it against the steering column, and sure enough, its the correct key. Sales guy didn't even know you could do that. Now, sales guy said "just drive down to the service department, and they will change the battery". I'm sorry, but shouldn't that have been checked/replaced before I pick it up? So, saga continues, I get home and proud to take the wife for a spin. Halfway through an intersection, engine cuts out, *key not recognised*. WTF. Wife not happy. Turns out they gave me back the wrong key with a new battery, and the Audi cuts out as a safety measure. Even if you are in the middle of an intersection. Back to Audi, loan car for a day, until they discover their mistake.
    Life goes on, plenty of WOT gear changes and I honestly love every minute behind the wheel. Except, there seems to be something wrong with my take offs, as the traction control light keeps flashing... I figured it was the crappy DT50s and was just going to scrub them on a blast through the hills, then get some decent boots and fix the problem. A bloody low pressure warning comes up just as I get into the twisty parts beyond Warburton. Back to a tyre shop, he takes a look, a screw through the Conti means a patch and i'm on my way in 20min. Turns out patch was ****e, and I need new rubber. So, DTs move to the back, new Conti5 on front. Traction control issue not going away. Now I join OzAudi forum, and learn what a Haldex is...
    Coming up to 4th year service, don't trust Penfold, so called Audi Doncaster for a quote, they said open the service booklet and it will show the 3rd year service being done. Remember Penfold said they did it? Well, the book ain't stamped and Doncaster check the online Audi database, and guess what, no record. Now the 4th year quote is $2,500 plus $125 for a brake fluid flush. Volkstek in Heidelberg quoted me $1,237 for the same thing. I had read great reviews about the boys at Underground Performance, and wanted to start heading down the bolt-on path. Fair to say, they are not close to where I live, but from now on I will never go anywhere else. Alex had a look and before touching it said, there are two issues with the 8V S3, Water pump and Haldex. He plugged my car in and sure enough, Haldex fault comes up. I have two years warranty still, so no bolt ons until Audi fix it. Next Alex said, come look at this, flashlight in the engine bay and there is white residue next to the water pump. Needs replacing. Alex told me how to ring in and ask to have it looked at by Audi. Audi service guy said, there is no record of your VIN for the water pump recall. They know it is an issue! But when I said, I noticed white residue, he said bring it in. The bill from UGP? Filters, plugs, LiquiMoly etc. $525! I just saved $2,000 thanks to OzAudi forums. Which will be going towards...CTS, Leyo, Stage 1 ECU+TCU....DP...
    2015 S3 | Amalfi White | B&O | Darkest Legal |

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    Never trust a dealers word, get proof of everything.

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