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Thread: Sq5 brake wear sensor replacement

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    im about to purchase ebc RedStuff front pads for my 2013 sq5 and I was wondering if I have to change the wear sensor wire as well?
    The pads havenít triggered the indicator light yet but they are the oem Audi pads and Iím not sure if the wire is perminatelly moulded into pad.
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    The pad sensor wire clips into a groove on the pad; not sure if EBC's have similar groove on their pads imagine they would; just unclip your unmarked sensor and reuse.


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    102AF7ED-996F-477D-8688-86D66782B50E.jpgThese are the pads I was thinking of buying. Will the sensors fit these?
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    Not the best shot but where the u shaped indentation is at the top middle is where the sensor clips into; I ended up using akebono ceramics and they came with a new sensor wire in pack but kept existing because hadn't worn out yet; main reason to change for me was less dust less wear of disc rotor and wheels stay cleaner for longer!

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    I get the feeling that the oem pads that are in there now have the wire moulded into the pad. Is this possible?

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