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Thread: Wanted to buy - Audi 90

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    Default Wanted to buy - Audi 90

    G'day all,

    Looking for a B3 Audi 90, preferably a manual, but will consider an auto if it's the right car.

    Getting pretty difficult to find these days, but surely someone here knows someone who has one tucked away in their garage, or has seen one parked on the street somewhere.

    Willing to pay good money for the right car!

    Please let me know if you or someone you know may have one.

    Cheers ,

    Can somebody pass me the fire extinguisher?

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    B2 90 Quattro take your fancy
    Now - 2016 Golf R - Thinks he's an S3
    Then - 02 Golf Gti, 99 S4 Stage 1, 00 S4 Stage 3, 01 RS4 Stage 2, 77 Fox, 75 Fox, 87 200 Tq Stage 1, 82 coupe GT, 87 90 Quattro

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    Absolutely. Private message incoming!
    Can somebody pass me the fire extinguisher?

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    Opening this up to B3 and B4, 80 or 90....

    I know there's a couple on Carsales and Gumtree, but not manual or 5 cylinder, or better still both together!

    Anyone selling one? Or got one tucked in the shed?
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    Can somebody pass me the fire extinguisher?

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