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Thread: WTB - subframe, struts, suspension for 80/90

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    Default WTB - subframe, struts, suspension for 80/90

    Hi folks,

    Chasing a subframe for an 80 or 90 to put into a B2.

    Not too fussed which one or which engine - I'll add/remove brackets as necessary (my understanding is the basic "U" shape and mounting points are the same across all of the B2/B3/B4 sedans).

    Ideally in WA (Perth) to save postage, but will consider interstate.

    As the title says, also will consider struts/hubs and lower control arms.

    Also happy to take any suggestions on the best place to find this stuff.

    Cheers, and thanks in advance.

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    Hi all. Is this stuff really that rare in Oz?

    Anyone out there got a subframe and front struts to sell? Ideally B4 struts with the 82mm bearings as I've now discovered.

    Help :)

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    I know nothing about B2/3/4 but an example is that many B5 parts are no longer available. Euro cars are largely rotten with rust so there is a big demand for these parts over there and the AU cars have largely gone to the wrecker with us not even thinking that sub frames, spring turrets and all the other gear is actually valuable to someone. You may be lucky but you should prepare to pay prime $ for these parts now. The horse has bolted and the gate is shut.
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    Thanks Ichy.

    Appreciate the response and totally agree.... cant hurt to ask though.

    I see cars come up at wreckers on the East coast, but unfortunately in Perth I'm pretty sure the wreckers send them straight to the crusher as they are well over 10 years old (I must have visited 20 wreckers in Perth with no joy).

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