Hello Mates,

I know there a many knowledgeable people here. So i am looking to understand the difference between PR code 8Q3 and 8Q5 and are the headlights swap-able.

PRCode: 8Q3 = Automatic headlight-range adjustment dynamic (self-adjusting while driving) ------------> (My Q5 3.0 TDI 2015)

Headlight Part Number :

Left : 8R0941003D

Right : 8R0941004D

Cornering Control Unit Under the headlight : Place is empty.

PRCode: 8Q5 = Headlight-range adjustment automatic/ dynamic with dynamic bending light (AFS 1). ------------> (My Friend's Q5 2.0 TDI 2015)

Left : 8R0941753D
Right : 8R0941754D
Cornering Control Unit Under the headlight : 3D0941329

I don't have cornering light with PRCode : 8Q3. Which is there in my friends Q5 with PRCode: 8Q5. I have scanned Both Q5s with OBDEleven and we both don't have 55 Control unit for headlight range control. I have cornering working via foglights and i really like the cornering light, which is way more utility the cornering Foglights.

Question :

1. Has anyone swapped them.

2. If i am using 8R0941753D / 8R0941754D headlight on my Q5 with PRCode : 8Q5 with they work or Do I have to add some more modification.

any help is really appreciated.