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Thread: RS5 PCV valve service kit

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    Default RS5 PCV valve service kit

    So turns out I had a hole in one of my pcv valve diaphragms and was making a complete whistle sound when at idle.
    Started out thinking it was a warn bearing somewhere but as it got louder in time I had to do something

    Unfortunately Audi or any other company donít make a service kit with new seals and diaphragms, and a new PCV valve will set you back from $400 to $600.

    But after opening one up and seeing if itís possible to fix it I couldnít help notice that they look very similar to what you would find on a Mercedes M156 6.2 V8

    So I thought I go and buy one and compare the two being that a Mercedes valve cost only $130.

    ďThe Mercedes valve is the top oneĒ

    As you can see ones opened they are completely identical!

    Audi valve

    Mercedes valve

    Ones you strip off all the seals, cap and diaphragm you have a full Audi RS5 PCV valve rebuild kit for a fraction of the cost for a new one

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