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    Hey all
    Not new to this forum but Iím back

    Originally came here with a TTRS and a A1 sport
    Sold those off and had a CLK 63 then swapped for a Bmw M6 V10 now back in a Audi

    Was a long trip but glad Iím back in an Audi

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    welcome back!

    Would be good to hear your opinion on each car and each brand..

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    Well just speaking from my experience and particular models is had

    The M156 engine is a good solid engine but comes with a lot of factory design faults being cam lobe ware and inferior head bolts.

    But the Bmw is a complete pile of crap to be honest. I was to scared to drive more then 50kms away from home after knowing what can go wrong with those things. Rod bearings, vanos pump and solenoids the list goes on with that engine. And even if you have s new engine, then you have the gear box to worrie about. And even if you have a new gear box you have all the electrical problems. So yeh I fully understand why then go so cheep.

    I did a full engine upgrade with new rod bearings and I still wasnít happy with it so I moved on.

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