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    So I got my RS5 and I have no complaints other then the fact I canít figure out how you change song track on the steering wheel?

    Cant remember if my TTRS was able to do this but I definitely know my A1 did.

    Only way I can do it is with the volume knob on the console. But every time I do, I tend not to adjust the volume doing so and itís starting to annoy me.

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    No idea if you've figured it out by now but right button next to volume scroll in the RS5 B9 Steering Wheel.

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    Well kinda figured it out
    You can ďscrollĒ through the tracks with the roller wheel but only when the device is plugged directly in the MMI.
    But even then there is no way to just click next track other then using the volume knob which is so filly and constantly changing volume when doing it.
    My A1 has has the * button that can be allocated for many functions such as next track. I donít no why this button is not available in the A4 and A5 models

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    You can just toggle the volume dial on the center console left or right for track forward or back
    Its a well hidden feature as its not just a dial its a mini joystick. (small one next to the hand brake on the large MMI dial)

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