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Thread: Nogaro B5 S4 Stage 3+ Build

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    Awesome project! Keep us updated mate!
    +1.Just a view but one of the best parts in those pics is the plug and play ECU and the dymo sticker with a base load tune file . I like your approach which seems to be select turbo and get hooked up with a tuner to get you where you want to be and everything else is support parts for reliability. I am assuming those turbo's have been a break in period, and reckon when you get to that point it's going to be very difficult to be disciplined to with respect to you right foot

    What's you current expectations on dialing in the tuning..

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    Thanks all.

    The machining was all done by John Sidney Racing in Clayton, well known for building award winning race engines for many years.

    As for the higher CR yes, momento is correct i will eventually be running on a full E85 tune for optimum performance.

    All THE TUNER parts and TTE turbo’s for my build we’re actually sourced from Mocke @ 27TMotorsport as he is a dealer for both companies aswell as supervising the whole build along with tuning in the final stages.

    Firstly we discussed my goals and how i will be using the car. We then came up with a plan specifically designed for me. From turbo selection to intake to fuel and compression ratio, we went through the whole lot.

    The ECU is Plug and Play only with my specific setup. Will not work with anything else in the world.
    It’s fully customised and boost locked which will allow me to only startup and drive the car around until it’s ready to be properly tuned.

    Here is a pic as it stands

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    good work, keep it up. its way above my skill set and pocket depth so well done!

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    Not bhed ****n not bhed
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    Good start!

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