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Thread: Spearminty the Cab!!

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    Default Spearminty the Cab!!

    Well I just couldn't help myself, REALLY is anyone surprised!

    What are you meant to do when you come across a 1994 cabirolet that looks like this!!!

    cab rearview.jpgcab frontview.jpg

    You god damn buy it that's what you do!!

    Righto the low down 10/94 build two owners 109,XXX service history and the photos hide alot of sins, nice colour though! The car was absolutely filthy when i picked her/him up. Power steering pump leaking, needs new tyres, oil leaks, needs CV's boots, timing belt need, various trims pieces need replacing, front windscreen cracked, rear window in the soft top needs replacing and and some retrimming too arrrr the list goes on. Despite all that it drivers lovely and everything works, well the speedo cuts out every now and then.

    Haven't had much time to do anything except a basic clean and several hours spent cleanning and conditioning the seats.

    cab front.jpgcab backseat.jpg

    The cars has had some paint work done to it at some stage to various degrees of quality will address this in time however for the time being shes come up pretty good for juts a wash and dry

    cab looking down.jpg

    lets see where this ends up

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    Beautiful Pete, have always loved that colour too. Good to see she's now in good hands.

    Keep us posted on updates!

    Can somebody pass me the fire extinguisher?

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    Yes lovely colour. Been tempted myself to get one a few times.

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    Hi Folks,

    Found a few goodies to go on the cab!

    After trying to find a set of mid 90's 4x108 wheels i have now realised they don't exist, I found a nice set of 17 with so dish that are 4 x 114.3 that i will have redrilled and then refinished for the car

    The best find so far has been a set of mk3 golf gti recaros, although the original set are in great condition they are very hard and flat so the recaro are an awesome upgrade. Test fit looks good so far next thing is to sort out some rails.

    Now - 2016 Golf R - Thinks he's an S3
    Then - 02 Golf Gti, 99 S4 Stage 1, 00 S4 Stage 3, 01 RS4 Stage 2, 77 Fox, 75 Fox, 87 200 Tq Stage 1, 82 coupe GT, 87 90 Quattro

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    Where do you find these cars Pete!

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    clear your inbox when you get a chance Pete
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