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Thread: Shrink "new posts" icons on Forum Index page

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    Default Shrink "new posts" icons on Forum Index page

    G'day all,

    Forum Index page looks much cleaner without the moderators names on there. Thanks Chux.

    Another challenge for you. The icons that indicate "new posts" etc. are bigger on the index page than the individual forums page. This seems to be spacing each line on the index page out, meaning less of the list fits on a screen without scrolling.

    Suggest that you re-size / shrink those icons on the Forum Index page to match those on the individual forums pages.

    BTW, I was about to request a change to the date format when I realised I could customise this setting for myself! I've gone with d/m/y H:i - much cleaner.


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    Default hows that?

    G'day ken,

    the height was actually set to '50' on each forum cat on the main index so i changed this to '30', looked a little cramped to me at first but im used to it already, the new post indicator is only about 28 pixels high i think so it fits in without having to shrink it

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    Default Looking good!

    Much easier to read.... I'm stuck on a laptop 1024*768, so using screen real estate cleverly really helps!

    Many thanks!

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