Hi all, I've got a jap import 2012 Q7 with MMI 3g+ where i've changed region settings and accidently rebooted the MMI intead of just exiting and going to the firmware update and updating from there (changed from system/internal region from JAP to ROW).

Unfortunately now I can't get back into the green menu to fix it/force the firmware update as the device won't load past the logo screen. Buttons all seem to work (apart from main dial and soft buttons), i can switch between radio, jukebox and play songs using DIS. The reverse camera doesn't show either.

Is there anywhere/anyhow where I can either;
  • reset the internal system region using VCDS, VCP, or an sdcard boot script
  • reset the MMI completely so it reads and re-configures itself from the build list (simliar to how BMWs do it)
  • force the update to ROW firmware without having access to the green menu (fail forwards )

I'd rebooted when it was on internal region ROW (changed rom JAP) and nav region still on JAP. This caused the MMI to write the following to the SD card in SD1.

Database info 01/01/70.00:06:55

no valid acios_db found on DVD-drive
no valid acios_db found on HDD
no valid acios_db found on SD0
no valid acios_db found in HBpersistence
currently used configuration:
currently used mapstyle:
no info found. Link points to:

mapstyle versions:

I've found somewhere VCDS where the nav map region can be set so I've changed that to EUR. That seemed to have stopped the writing of the above message and now I get the following in faults (previously I got some communication fault error) instead. It seems like progress, but it's still stuck on the boot screen.

1 Fault Found:

03675 - Navigation Data Not Present

Any help would be much appreciated as I've now pissed the wife off to no extent!