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Thread: Q7 Airbag Steering Angle Sensor Clockspring replacement.

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    Default Q7 Airbag Steering Angle Sensor Clockspring replacement.

    Hi. Has anyone had to replace the steering angle sensor (clockspring )in their Q7? If, so what year, which version and what was the part number? How much did this repair cost you? Iam trying to find out if the same part is used for all models or it is year/ version specific. TIA. Cheers

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    Seeing that no-one has replied to this thread I thought I would update so others might benefit from my experience.
    I was quoted by a european vehicles specialist workshop for the job. Part, genuine, around $1250 and fitting an additional $200. However they were agreeable for me to source the part myself, as long as it wasn't one of the chinese copies. I finished up getting a genuine part from in USA for USD460 including shipping which turned out to be around $690 AUD. Good service from fcp. The part does fit several models, but they have a good model fitment guide. All up cost for the repair was $890 so considering the likely dealership cost I am happy.

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    Looks like I have been the only unlucky one to have needed to replace the clockspring. 😢

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