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Thread: EPL tunes for 3.0t

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    Hi All,
    Newbie here, but at 61 don't feel very fresh minted.
    Thought some might like to hear my results and thoughts on my EPL tune.
    Brought my A7 (2012) December 2018 after a lusting period of 12 months. I chose it over the S5 because I was coming out of a Q5 and the S5 was a bit too samey inside. I admit it has a slightly dog shot in the arse rear end from a certain angle but it is what it is.
    Anyway, did my research before buying and knew I needed a 3.0t motor in whatever because of it's tuneability.
    I chose the EPL stage 2 tune with SC pulley because I could do it at home.
    Cut to the chase. Results.
    Don't ask about dyno results because there aren't any. But I do have convincing 0-100 times. Using the PerfExpert app on Iphone I did pretesting on the stocker. I do 5 runs, drop the fastest and slowest and average the remaining for accuracy. Mostly the results come in the + or - .1 sec so I'm confident the improvement is accurate even if the absolutes are not. Get me. Always run on the same section of slightly uphill from stationary.
    Stock 1-100 no launch control 6.1 sec
    Stage 2 EPL with SC pulley 4.5 sec
    Stage 2 EPL running E30 blend 4.3 sec

    There's plenty more to tell at another time. Suspension upgrades, wheels, Speakers etc. Not to mention the Q5 story
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    Nothing much happens here. How can no one want to know something about anything. I've already made all the mistakes that you don't need to.
    Or maybe A7s really aren't that interesting.

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    Yeh some sections of the forum are pretty dead.
    Impressive results.
    That's a lot of car and performance when you consider you can pick up older models for mid 30's now.

    I've been toying with ways to get a 3.0T into my garage for a while, for those same tuneability reasons. An A7 could make a decent but unconventional kitesurfing bus once I finally tire of the S4 wagon. Good for the long distance runs too.


    How do you find the engine note? Need some work?
    B5S4 Avant, F21's, E85, kWV3

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    Not so long ago, 4.3 to 100 was supercar territory.... great figures from just a tune and pulley. Shows what you can do to refresh a car and make it put a smile back on your face.

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    Hi Cutbak. Your comment regarding exhaust note is spot on. That's why I had the rear mufflers replaced with straight through sports mufflers and to get that SC howl I put an Injen intake. Neither mod made a difference to the 0-100 times so assume no power increase. But sounds much better both in side and out.
    A7 is bit of a boat. My Q5 has coil overs, rear sway bar and Nitto Invo tyres as well as an ECU flash on the 3l oil burner. It still out corners the A7! But fitting a rear sway on the A7 this weekend should even it up

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    I have a 187mm crank pulley and SC cooler to install and the EPL stage 2+ tune is there waiting to be loaded.
    I may put the details here a little later. Just no time to fit at the mo.
    Too busy building a land speed motorcycle for Lake Gairdner SA on in late March. Hoping for a 125cc pushrod world record if all goes well.

    ses DLRA

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