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Thread: Deciding what car next !!

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    Hey guys.

    I'm new to Ozaudi forum, I've owned a golf gti since new for almost 9 years now and I am finally ready to let it go. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with pros and cons about the 2017 Audi S3 facelift hatchback. Done a bit of research but they dont really say much because it's still counted as pretty new cars.

    Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum mate.. Unfortunately I can not really help with the S3 as I have never owned one. However I love my Audis .. Best you go for a drive and see if you like it.. I am sure there are folks here how owns one. They can then give you some pros and cons..
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    Consider a RS5 V8?

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    Gti is a great car, you obviously loved it.
    S3 is a great car too, but whilst you are looking around, check out an RS3, drive both & see what you think.

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    Default Deciding what car next !!

    I find thereís too many S3 RS3ís around theseís days.
    Its so refreshing to see a TTRS or even a S1 now and and then.
    Each to there own but it kinda wares the effect off it for me if it becomes the new norm.
    Look at the new mustang lol canít turn a corner or stop at a set of lights without seeing one.
    Rarity goes a long way.
    Everyone has to have there own personal eleanor

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