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Thread: Warranty after changing to Michelin PSS4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueraven View Post
    I have an issue atm where my launch control spins and the traction control kicks in, meaning it bogs in first - hoping new tyres will cure it :/ (currently conti 5's 255/30 about 50% and rear oem Pirelli Pzero at 20%)
    Turn TC off, that should stop the bogging down as itís due to that system detecting wheel spin even if itís not showing on the dash light, thatís for regular launches.
    For launch control you need to disable TC also for it to launch properly, It may not even be in LC mode if you leave TC on.

    Tyres will only cure spin in TC mode on if the grip exceeds the power levels, dare say youíll always get it with TC on.

    Curious to see what 265s look on a 8.5, maybe, just maybe itíll be close to perfectly balanced for understeer.
    Let us know and enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beanoyip View Post
    Why didn't you go for an all squared set up instead? 245/35/19

    Had it for a month now, never had traction light came up since..
    thanks, appreciate the feedback. Can you go for this squared up set up on the stock rims? assume so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boltor View Post
    Can you go for this squared up set up on the stock rims? assume so.
    Yes, rims are the same front and rear. If you push the car youíll just get more understeer at cornering limits with this square setup.
    If PS4S 245s are gripper than 255 P-Zeros, then the limits are raised.

    All good if youíre not slamming it through corners but balanced traction is something that can save you from a wreck at the absolute limit.

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    Rims are not same front and rear! front is an 8.5 inch rim and rear is 8.0 if the car was ordered with the staggered setup (99% of cars i believe?) - that being said this is not an issue for a 245/35 all round.

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