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Thread: A4 (B5 format) not starting

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    GDay guys, I'm fairly new to owning an Audi.

    I bought myself a 1996, 2.6L V6 Audi A4 a while back, and between not having money and me just being generally lazy, I only recently got around to getting it registered (late April / early March this year, off my head). It passed a roadworthy check, but I always had trouble cold-starting her (Would take a few squirts of "Start Ya B******" down the Air Intake to get her going - she would be fine for the rest of the day tho, so long as I didnt leave her sitting for more than 8-9hrs) I believe which was caused by a faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor.

    Anyway, recently, I was having some trouble whilst driving, where when I would accelerate the rpm would drop, and then it'd jump back up, accelerating. This prompted me to pull over, kill the engine, and try to restart. No dice, even with the spray.

    Called a mechanic, he checked the fuel line, and the spark plugs, no problems. He towed it back to his garage, and told me it was the Fuel Pressure Relay, and he serviced it to get it operational again.

    Problem is, the fix lasted for all of a day, and then the problem persisted again. I'm back to not being able to start her (She cranks, but doesnt fire) even with (probably too much) Nolan's spray down the intake.

    I guess my question is this: What kind of pricing would I be looking at, roughly, to replace both the Temperature Sensor, and the Pressure Relay, and is it something that I, a man with very limited mechanical knowledge could do, or should I leave it to a certified Mechanic?

    Cheers in advance guys!

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    Coolant temp sensor is cheap as ****! Ebay will be easiest and quickest!

    Fuel preasure regulator or fuel pump relay?

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    I suggest you search for a Youtube video of the job to see if you're up to it and have the tools to do it. If you have limited mechanical knowledge then that's going to be your problem.

    Parts are now much easier to get, thanks be to eBay. Just avoid unbranded stuff from China. Plenty of OEM parts from Europe - many already supply to VW/Audi so you'd be buying same as genuine, but without the VW/Audi logo.

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    Heya guys, sorry for the long delay between updates. @joebut21 it was the fuel pressure regulator, so thank you for clarifying that for me.

    I've ordered both the Temperature Sensor, and the Regulator off of eBay, sensor's arrived already and the regulator is due to arrive early next week.

    I'll make sure to update once I've gotten the new parts installed, and see what kind of problems I run into next

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