Hi All

I was having intermittent issues with my Audi S4 B7 regarding starting the engine. Every now and then the car would take upwards of 7 seconds cranking before it would actually start. This only occurred when the engine was hot and not ambient outside temperature. The car would start fine in the morning once the engine was cold.

Yesterday in the morning when the engine was cold, the car did not start at all. Cranking, cranking, cranking to absolute no avail. From an intermittent starting issue, there issue is now permanent.

I have ordered a new Crank positioning sensor and temperature sensor AND hoping this will solve the issue as I have read on a few forums that this may be the root cause.

I am seeking any advice or if anyone else has had this type of problem with their B7 S4. Once the car does start, she runs beautifully without any problems or hesitation. As I cannot drive the car, it is quite hard to get a diagnostic check so I am trying a bit of trial and error before I am told the worst.

This seems to be a common issue from what I have gathered on other Audi forums.

Any help would be awesome and much appreciated! Cheers, folks.