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Thread: A6 C6 2007 2.0 Tdi Oil Warning Lamp

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    The oil warning lamp went on a few weeks ago, thought it was low oil level so topped up with around 1l, checked levels on dipstick and looked fine. Fired up the car again but the warning lamp was still on.
    So decided to change the oil for the hell of it and just to make sure the right amount was put into the engine, it needed doing anyway. So one oil change later, (isn't the plastic thing underneath tough to get off!!) and the warning light is still on.

    Did some research and it looks like it could be either the sensor (cheap option easy to fit), the oil pump (a bit dearer and harder to fit) or there's a few people banging on about a oil sump crank shaft that wears out after time on the 2.0tdi engines
    Checked with Audi, the crank shaft is the cheapest part but the hardest to replace, but looks like the sensor and pump can be bought OEM online for under $50 and $100 respectively, Audi want around $250 and $450!!

    Anyone got thoughts? Especially on the crank thing.

    Also toying with buying some sort of code reader to determine what is causing the fault. Thought a cheap one like this would suffice
    Any other recommendations?

    I know I can't drive anywhere with this fault light on, so pretty much stuck in the garage until it can be resolved either by myself or a mobile mechanic.

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    Just in case anyone else comes across the same issues as my initial post. Check the bonnet cable is still connected, the one that allows the display to show that the bonnet is open. After changing the sensor I was still getting the visual alert for low oil and whilst raging and angrily waving the spanner at the engine I noticed that there was a cable hanging loose. Reconnected this and started the car again, this time the display showed that the bonnet was open but not low oil level alert.

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    nice one mate!

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