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Thread: Hi from a new/old TT purchase

  1. Default Hi from a new/old TT purchase

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a 2009 TT in an unusual greeny/blue colour which I love. I had a black 2007 model a few years back and regretted selling it so had to come back. There are few things to do including the timing belt so are looking forward to getting that done so I can get out and enjoy it.


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    Hey steve. Congrats on the Mk2 !!!

    its a bit quiet here but come join on Facebook.
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    Welcome mate.
    What condition is the car in? Any plans for it?

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    Thanks jnrdavo for your kind welcome.

    The car appears to be in pretty good condition overall. I spent the weekend giving it a good clean, clay bar and wax so it pops now. The are a few things that I need to do including the timing belt/water pump as I am not 100% sure if it has been done so will play it safe. I think the clutch may need doing as well unfortunately but if I get it all done then I don't have to worry about it for a while. The only other thing I may do is get the wheels cleaned up as there are some kerb contacts so will probably keep it pretty original but we will see!! Apart from that I am looking forward to getting in and driving it! I love that turbo whoosh!
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    Thanks Ian for the welcome. I had one a few years ago and are very happy to have one again! Thanks for the Facebook link.

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    Hey steve. Congrats on the Mk2 !!!

    its a bit quiet here but come join on Facebook.

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