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Thread: Perth to get another RS3

  1. Cool Perth to get another RS3

    Well after months of searching & researching, I finally pulled the trigger on a MY18 RS3 Sedan.....and I only had to travel 3900km to find one!!!

    That's the curse of living in Perth. We have zero selection, and the ones that are available are hideously over priced. In the last 3 months there have only been 3 FL models for sale - 2 at Audi which were asking crazy $'s, and another at a Nissan dealer with severe signs of being belted (read faded front calipers, replaced discs which were already lipped at 30k kms). PFL models are no better with only 3 going through carsales in 3 months - ALL with zero options. So my search turned eastward...

    Ooooh the options!! :) Anyway, long story short, I flew over yesterday to finalize a deal on a Nardo Grey example, and get the car dropped off to CEVA for a 2 week journey over to Perth. Super excited to be back in a Euro, and excited to plan a few tasty mods for when the warranty is exhausted.

    Hands up all the Perthie RS3 owners
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    Congrats mate!! You will love it :)

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    Definitely worth all that hassle!
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    Awesome stuff, may see you on the roads.

    And yes it is very slim pickings in Perth.

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    Terry ... USA

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