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Thread: Bizzare SIM / Data problem.

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    Question Bizzare SIM / Data problem.

    Encountered this problem today .. would love to hear from anyone that has seen it before or might know what's going on.

    I have a Telstra SIM in my 2014 RS6 that loads data for google maps. It's been there since the car was purchased new and it's worked fine until about 2 months ago, when it stopped being able to find the Telstra network. MMI just says "Network search..." and never finds the network.

    Went to Telstra shop and confirmed that the SIM was working and it was able to make/receive calls, access 3g/4g data etc.
    Took the car SIM out and put the SIM from my phone (also Telstra) into the car. Same problem. Gets stuck at "Network search..."

    Put a SIM (OPTUS) from one of the Audi technicians into the car. Car finds network immediately and loads google maps and has 4 bars phone reception.
    Also tried this with a vodafone SIM, which also found the network, loaded google maps and had phone reception.

    We thought it might be a problem with my Telstra account, so we tried a Telstra SIM from another Audi technician (ie not on my Telstra account). Again, car gets stuck on "Network search..."

    Someone suggested there might be an issue with Telstra, so we tried all three Telstra sims in a different car and they all found the network right away and loaded google maps, had phone reception etc.

    1. So basically, any Telstra SIM inserted into my car, the car fails to find the network.
    2. Those same Telstra SIMS inserted into a different AUDI work fine.
    3. Optus and Vodaphone SIMs inserted into my car work fine.

    The AUDI techs were confused. I was confused.
    Anyone have _any_ idea what's going on here??

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    Have Telstra decommissioned the 3G network in your area?

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    I'm running Telstra sim in my 2017 S4 without an issue
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