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Thread: Custom tune of Audi S3 2016 model

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    Just bought a used Audi S3 2016 model about 3 weeks ago, so first time poster. Loving every minute of it.

    I've been looking in to tuning it, and have been reading about different stock tunes like ABT, APR and REVO.

    Was talking to the dealer I bought the car off today, and he recommended getting a custom tune done, rather than the stock tunes. So that it's specific for the car.

    My question is, has anybody had theirs custom tuned, and can anybody recommend a good tuning mechanic in Melbourne?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Get yourself down to Underground Performance. You'll be happy with the results. Alex is a Whiz.

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    I'd rather an off the shelf tune that's had 100's of hours of testing rather than a custom tune that looks good on a dyno

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    Quote Originally Posted by meiztom View Post
    I'd rather an off the shelf tune that's had 100's of hours of testing rather than a custom tune that looks good on a dyno
    Depends on your needs. The factory tune is effectively an off the shelf tune with safety and reliability parameters built in and 1.000's of hours of testing, rather than 100's. The Revo type tune has whittled down the safeguards (from a factory perspective) but the effectiveness of the tune does depend on the perspective of the code writer. The differences between the various off shelf tunes reflect the priorities of the tuner. Other than power / torque outcomes, improvements such as fuel consumption can occur but you should always question whether that is a good thing across the board. It indicates that the car is more efficient in certain conditions but will it have a safety margin in every condition?

    The custom tune again reflects the tuner and their beliefs. The custom tune is closer to the bone, extracting the most from the specific configuration. Questions that do rise are what happens as components age? Ultimate tunes that extract every available kw are tailored to very specific configurations. You really need a new car or all new components to get the best from one. If you're into time measured events then there is no better solution but the average joe may not even notice the difference on the street other than as a talking point / bragging right.
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