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    Hi all,

    I have a 2013 A4 B8 8K Quattro S line, 2.0 TSFI.
    Recently I have been getting the Stop/Start Function is Unavailable message as seen in the picture, another error I sometimes get is the EPC light coming on. Basically, when either error comes on, the engine basically stops, or power is cut to the engine whilst it is still running (meaning press the accelerator and there is no increased revs from the engine).
    I pull the car over, switch everything off, wait a few seconds then re-start and the errors are gone. I've had my battery tested and is in brand new condition. I suspect the previous owner has changed the battery but not 'reset' the computer. I will talk to Audi dealer this week but am reluctant for them to touch the car due to $$$$$.
    Has anyone else had a similar issue? Can the EMS be reset without Audi intervention?

    Many Thanks
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    I was told the BEM ( Battery code) auto resets if you don't do it manually, but cars with start-stop had a slightly different battery to the older B8 A4's.
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