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Thread: Q7 2008 MMI problem.

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    Default Q7 2008 MMI problem.

    I have a problem with the MMI on a 2008 Q7 that I bought recently. There is no sound coming through the audio and I cannot unmute by using the normal volume controls. I suspect there is something wrong with the MMI display unit as there are a few functions I am not able to access.
    All of the buttons on the mmi control console seem to work at least for something, but not for everything. In trying to access the sound, the control button lower right does not do anything, and yet if in Nav mode, this same button will switch you back to map. So the button itself is functioning.
    Access to the hidden green menu is not possible, because pressing the car and setup function selector buttons simultaneously does nothing, yet individually each of these buttons work.
    Does anyone have any information that will help me? Please.

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    If nobody can offer any help, can you suggest any workshop that knows the Audi sound system thoroughly and would be able to fix this problem. Thanks

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    probably worth at first getting i to an independent to scan for errors with vagcom/vcds...

    Where abouts are you located? In Melbourne, you can also check out autofidelity, they are the guys who know all!!

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    Sorry, I should have said. I am in Brisbane.

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    Can anyone recommend anyone in Brisbane to look at the MMI for me?

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    Just a follow up post. I took the vehicle to Euro Car Upgrades in Maroochydore where they diagnosed a faulty audio amplifier. Another case of water damage caused by the blocked sunroof drains. I got a new replacement board (Chinese) and fitted it myself and then had the Audi customer protection recoded for the new board by Euro Car Upgrades.... good service. They enabled the green menu at the same time. Very happy with the final result.

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