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Thread: Rs5 oem pulley?

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    Default Rs5 oem pulley?

    So I just received my gate belt pulley and it looks identical to the Audi OEM
    This is good cause it was more then half the price of a OEM

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    Don't you know those four rings cost a mint to stamp!

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    Yeh I think you pay per ring right
    But I think this is the actual VAG item
    Audi wants over $100 I got this one for $50

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    Quote Originally Posted by TYR382 View Post
    Yeh I think you pay per ring right
    But I think this is the actual VAG item
    Audi wants over $100 I got this one for $50

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    The OE, OEM and aftermarket categories. Highly likely you may have the same part without the rings. It's common to source a part from the actual manufacturer and get a nice saving at the same time. Just to be aware though that some of these parts have failed the acceptance test by Audi so you may not be getting exactly the same quality part as the branded part. In other cases there may be oversupply or a deletion from the factory system.

    Query though to make the actual post relevant. The Audi price is AU $100 plus. The price you paid delivered was AU$50. There can be times when the US price is thrown into the ring and it's really misleading. I just ordered about AU$ 500 worth of Audi parts from the US and the freight was circa AU$200. Almost a third of the cost so highly unsatisfactory but the amortized cost for each item was still less than the dealer price so financially still in front, just.

    I still try the local VW dealer too as their prices are usually less than the Audi dealer for the same part. Genuine electrical plugs were fractionally less via the US with freight than the local product. Biggest benefit from the US or Europe is they stock a huge range of OEM or aftermarket parts. Hugely restricted options here which is understandable, and you might not want to chance some of the stock offered.
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    Yeh 100% agree
    For example the VAG fuel additive is about $30 at the dealer but if you buy it on eBay ya paying about $45 or 50.
    Also donít forget to try other manufacturers for cross compatibility.
    I had a bad PCV valve in my RS5 and turns out the AMG M156 engine uses the the same diaphragm.
    Sadly you canít by a rebuild kit for the CFSA engine and a new one cost like $600 but if you buy one from AMG you looking at like $120.
    I have a whole write up showing this

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