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Thread: Fake MMI Upgrade?

  1. Red face Fake MMI Upgrade?

    Hi guys, first post! :)

    My MMI Virtual Cockpit software in the MY15 TT has been acting up, bluetooth disconnecting, skipping songs, phone calls hanging up and muting etc. the Version Number of the MMI was 0139. Which I believe is the V1 version.

    I arranged an appointment at Audi, who said there is an update, that they will update the MMI. I have paperwork stating the MMI has been updated, but it still says 0139..?
    I watched videos and noticed that the updated software should have current 'Drive Selection' under the Rev Counter - which mine doesn't, it's identical to before - where its blank all the time.
    Also, the issues I had prior to the update are still there...

    It seems to me they just Reset the current version, and didn't bother updating the MMI. What do you think? Should I call them?
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    always worth asking what they did and letting them know that you have the version number.

    You could also try another Audi dealer and see what they say...

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