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Thread: WR Instrument Cluster Question

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    Default WR Instrument Cluster Question

    My Ur is fitted with the Green electronic cluster. By set the trip computer to display time and then pressing the reset button for >2 seconds I can get the cluster to change from metric the imperial units, speedo and fuel gauge only. The trip computer is stuck on imperial units, trip computer and speedo/fuel gage should both change. Anyone have this issue? From what I have seen of the clusters I think the trip computer is separate module within the cluster and the speedo cluster and trip computer are interconnected with a foil type ribbon cable. I know this foil is known as a weak link and the fix is to remove and replace the foil with wire links. I dont have an issue with this but thought I would ask before jumping in boots an'all.

    This is all an assumption on my behalf as I haven't pulled the cluster apart to investigate at the moment. Comments
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    Assuming yours is a UK/US import then I think this is normal, mine does the same thing. Overall distance and trip computer are always in miles.
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