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Thread: Which Brake pad for Audi A5?

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    Default Which Brake pad for Audi A5?


    I want to change the front brake pads on my car. I have two questions:

    1- Which brand should I use from the following list? (or let me know if you know of a better choice)
    • There is the Brembo from Sparesbox which is $95-105. I think if these are original Brembos, then this is a bargain!
    • Textar, around $110
    • Bendix, which is around $75.

    2- I don't mind to get a mechanic to change them, but I like to be able to do these ordinary stuff by myself. If you have had experience with changing them, please let me know if changing brake pads is as easy as it seems on the YouTube or it needs certain skills?

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    1- I used Bendix
    2- it's as easy as it seems

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    Do you not need discs as well?

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