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Thread: Grafton Mountain View Circuit hill Climb Sun 18th Aug 2019

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    Default Grafton Mountain View Circuit hill Climb Sun 18th Aug 2019

    B5 audi Quattro making a stand at the Hill.
    2 audi A4 B5 quattroes entered in this really fun spectator track event on Sunday 18th August, Jsol with his V8 swapped b5 and my B5.
    Come and say hello- a real fun day filled with cars and owners slinging them at the mountain
    '99 Quattro, stroked 2L
    Concept, tune and build by QMS
    EFR 6758, Bosch 1000cc, E85 @7bar, Bosch 413 in 034 surge tank. VVT cam timing upgrade. Controls by Eurodyne boost manager, V8 MAF, LC1, EGT. JE 9:1, 13kg 2L Crank, 475gm rods, Ferrea , Dowel pin crank, IE tensioner, 034 Pheno Spacer, FX400 240mm x6, Apikol SMIC, Miltek 2.75 Koni coils, Stoptech BB, Powerslot Rear, SS lines, 034 G/b, Apikol Diff mounts, APR snub mount.

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    I'd love to come, but it's a 6 hour drive one way.... and in these winds!!!

    Good luck to the both of you

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    Good luck and success. Will have just arrived back home from Brisbane and as much as I luv yers no chance of turning around and driving back to Grafton. Enjoy the day. 8 days away, no chance of gale force winds.
    B5 RS4 : Lightly modified -- C5 2.7 allroad -- B5 A4 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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    Well if you can't make Grafton this weekend we'll be at Bulahdelah next month 22nd Sept. Here's a link of the entry list if anyone is interested.
    Super psyched.

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