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Thread: 2012 C7 A6 Allroad cooling issue

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    Default 2012 C7 A6 Allroad cooling issue

    Hi everyone

    Earlier this year i bought an A6 Allroad with low kms.
    The car is generally well maintained and presents as new, however, I've been awarded my first luxury car problem.

    It dumped its coolant on me on Monday and now i am in research mode, as i cannot pin point the source and i already know mechanics will love me.

    I'm considering replacing the water pump, and any problematic cooling components prone to issues.

    Does anyone happen to know if any kits are available, for if I'm going to give a mechanic a tidy sum to replace a single component, i might aswell upgrade the system to avoid another issue in a few thousands kms.

    The car had 62k on it.

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    Hi Wudka.... I'm probably not much help, but parts you can get from ECS Tuning in the states etc..

    Do a search on this forum for parts and it should also show you some other options (some local).

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    ECS or other suppliers are OK albeit you have chosen the right time for the exchange rate.

    I'm assuming that you meant it when you said "dumped". Just fill the cooling system with water and see if you can pinpoint a leak. Every bit helps. Informed customer etc.
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    My mechanic found the leak.
    Under inlet manifold, there is a hose, which had swollen and subsequently leaked. No wonder I could not locate it myself, as it was well and truly hidden from view.

    Audi should had had the entire pipe in metal instead of a hose.

    Thank you for your replies guys!

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