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Thread: 08 B8 Concert Radio - Bluetooth 'Please wait'

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    Default 08 B8 Concert Radio - Bluetooth 'Please wait'

    Hi all

    Hoping someone can shed some light on the BT situation in my 08 B8 A4 I picked up recently - I'm trying to figure out if it actually has BT handsfree or not (if not I will fit it)

    When hitting 'TEL' on the Concert radio, it sits there saying 'Please Wait' - I can access some settings such as phonebook settings etc, but no pairing options.

    There is no bluetooth on the build sheet, or when the dealer checked the VIN, however they advised that there was a dealer fit kit available at the time the car was sold (which was in 09), all my googling suggests that if there was no BT, I would get a message saying 'Not Available' as opposed to the 'Please Wait' message (like my wife's Q7 when I hit Nav)

    So, before I spend $500 on getting a kit, does anyone know anything about this?

    Cheers :)

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    Easy way would be to plug in diagnostics and see if the telephone module is listed.

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    No BT in yours if its not specified in your options list; the B8 did come with a telephone cradle which sat inside the arm rest - you had to specify what phone (at the dealer) to have the correct connections made.
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    Thanks for the replies - I pulled the HU out over the weekend to check for wiring as the dealer informed me that a lot of the early B8's had bluetooth fitted as a dealer fit accessory, so not on the build sheet - there is a 2 wire connection the phone section of the HU, but I believe that runs from the cradle perhaps?

    What I am utterly confused about it, is what kit I need to add BT to the car - some info I have found suggests there is a universal cradle, and others say I need a bluetooth module, microphone and associated wiring.

    I'm planning on adding BT somehow (just for calls is fine), just need to find the best way to do it so it can integrate with the car (and not be too hard on the wallet!)

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