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Thread: New boy and old man in one

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    Hi, just joined. Impressed with Audi since 1984 when a mate bought a 5 pot 80 GT Coupe (in W. Germany). Drove a couple of A4ís in the UK - a B7 and a B9.
    Finally in a position to buy my own so Iíve just ordered an A4 45 TFSI Avant quattro.
    Six month wait, but hey.

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    The A4 is, and always has been a great looking car in my opinion, and the fact that yours is an Avant just makes it that little bit cooler. Good choice!

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    I had a B5 Avant for years and always wanted to get a newer one.

    Avants are great cars, so practical and since the B8 they have been looking mighty nice.

    Look forward to seeing some photos of yours when it arrives. Nothing like getting a nice fresh one. It will be worth the wait.

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