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    Good evening all,

    I recently purchased a 2009 TT and are having an intermittent issue with the clutch. 95% of the time it drives fine but occasionally when I am changing gears the clutch goes straight to the floor. I can pull the pedal back up with my foot and it works fine again. I have done some research and have learnt that this is a common problem. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in The Hills area of Sydney (North West) who can assist? I went to one and they wanted to replace everything (clutch, fly wheel, master & slave cylinder) at a large cost but I am not convinced and would like a second opinion.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hoskins Auto Mortlake. 8764 1075. Speak to Ralph.

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    Hey Steve, I did some research into this not long ago and it could be the master clutch cylinder or if your unlucky the slave clutch cylinder that is in the gear box which will be a major job. oil pushes past the seal in the master and then the pedal won't retact, i've read a chaep solution is to just put a spring behind the cltuch pedal.... short term solution?

    Thanks Jeremy

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    Change master and salve cylinder . At the same time fluid will be flushed .

    Always change both at the same time .

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    Sounds like a cracked clutch fork
    Had this happen to me. Changed the cylinder and everything.

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