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    I would like to get a better exhaust note from my B8 A4 so went to Right Price Exhausts in Springwood, Qld. They are not euro car specialists but have been in the game a long time and were recommended by a friend. They suggested to replace the middle section of my exhaust (quoted $120) to get a better tone and if I wanted more then they could look at a full system for <$1k. I have never heard of this before and am not an exhaust expert by any means so was wondering what people thought of this?

    My only other consideration was potentially getting a downpipe as well as I would like to eventually move to an ECU stage 2 tune. Can I get any old exhaust place (not euro car specialist) to provide and install this or is this asking for trouble? Looking at, they are asking around $1k or more just for the downpipe. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    The "better" exhaust note is very much undefined and for your ears only, so to speak. What the company is suggesting is to start out by removing the resonator section of your exhaust. This may well do what you are seeking but no one will know if that's what you want until it's done. In some cases that can induce a drone in the exhaust, but not always.

    Downpipes can be useful if you are chasing power, not a little, a lot. If you need as opposed to want a downpipe then you'll also be spending a fair bit on other power inducing parts over and above the stage 2 tune, otherwise just stay with the factory bits and an exhaust with a bit of tone and you'll be happy and richer.

    Keep an eye out on here for items for sale. Many return their car to standard before sale so something you want may turn up.
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