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Thread: Suspected timing chain rattle on start

  1. Question Suspected timing chain rattle on start

    Hi all,

    Picked up my 2012 (MY13) Q7 102,000kms around 4 weeks ago and love it. I seem to now have what sounds very much like timing chain rattle at startup. Happens randomly. Can be hot/cold i.e after sitting all night or after only sitting for 10min.
    Being under warranty, sent it in, Also sent them videos of it happening because, as i expected, they couldn't get it to replicate the noise in the videos after having it for 2 days.
    What they've told me today is, someones used an aftermarket engine oil filter. Audi said that they have seen these engines take longer to build up oil pressure when certain aftermarket filters are fitted because of some built in valve, hence the chain rattle 'possibly'...
    Haven't seen the filter so not sure what that's about. They put a genuine engine oil filter back in it and said to see how it goes and bring it back if it does it again.

    But I'm just wondering if anyone else has had or heard of this so called problem with different aftermarket filters?
    Thanks in advance
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