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Thread: 2001 Allroad for Sale or in bits

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    Post 2001 Allroad for Sale or in bits

    I have just bought an Audi C5 RS6, and there has to be a limit on how many cars a person can have and make use of. Therefore I need to make a little space so my 2001 C5 allroad has won the toss to go.

    I have owned this car since 2014 and covered over 60,000 Km in that time, more than 80% of which has been on the highway and it now has 277,000 Km up. This is a cruiser, not a sports car and it has been driven accordingly. A sign of my confidence in the C5 AUDI is buying another version of the same car (with a bit more Omph).

    I’m open to selling it with Rego or without, as a running car or in bits. If anyone is interested in the car or some bits from it, let me know and I’ll go from there.

    The car is available as is with 12 months rego, new Perrilli Scorpion Verde all season tyres and Blackvue DR650GW 2 channel (F&R) dash cameras. It has been run exclusively on Mobil 1 0W-40 full synthetic and 98 octane fuel since my purchase.

    Drive away as is, $5,000

    Disclaimers: None for an 18 year old car. A few minor panel marks, stone chips and general wear and tear but overall appears to be in better condition than low mile later models on Carsales at twice the price. I wouldn’t have any concerns in getting in a driving anywhere. I’m in Brisbane at the moment and it made the trip in the 35 degree heat without an issue.

    Options: Happy to sell without rego minus $800

    Bring your own wheels minus $800

    minus Dash Cam minus $300

    More detailed information:

    The interior is in good condition and based on carsales photos, would be in the top 20% irrespective of mileage. Green paint and leather, wood grain trim, 3 spoke steering wheel. Dark tint on the rear windows. It was delivered with the single DI(N) radio and all the top line interior trim and sunroof. The car has a tow bar although I have never had the need to use it. Readiness 0000 0000.

    The last full timing belt service (with all components) done, front RH drive shaft replaced, full Auto gearbox service all in Mar 2017. Regular annual services with quality oils etc.

    In the last 6 years the car has had the Auto transmission fully rebuilt and the K03 Turbos replaced. The front airbags were replaced with Arnotts and those Arnotts were again replaced in 2016 with the updated (Generation II) Arnotts design.

    Recently a fuel filter, an EGT probe and a lambda probe were replaced and new front brake pads fitted.
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    Interesting outcome, I've had a good number of inquiries about parts so it seems that the car will go in bits.

    Of interest to A6 avant and allroad owners of the C5 model, if there are parts that you are after, PM to see whats available. The car has just returned from a return trip to Brisbane and as usual, accomplished with ease.

    A sample of whats available includes

    Dog net
    Cargo cover
    Tow bar
    door cards
    sun roof
    roof rails
    Body panels
    2.7 TT engine
    Automatic gearbox
    Fittings large and small
    3 spoke tiptronic steering wheel
    A full working air suspension system inc arnotts gen 2 front air bags.
    C5 RS6: Sportec, Milltek & Wagner -- B5 RS4 : tastefully modified -- Audi 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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    SOLD. First person to actually view it drove it away. Apologies to the guys who had put their name on parts but in the end it went in one piece. Genuinely sorry to see it go and I may yet regret it but one step at a time.
    C5 RS6: Sportec, Milltek & Wagner -- B5 RS4 : tastefully modified -- Audi 1.8 quattro 132 Kw -- UNIMOG 404 TLF8

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