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Thread: Concert radio problem red glow on display

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    Default Concert radio problem red glow on display

    Hi guys,

    The concert head unit in my B5 S4 seems to be dead. Slight red glow on display. I pulled the fuse and it went into safe mode. I held TP and RDS and entered the code. Once code is entered I held TP and RDS again to enter. Nothing happens and the unit just freezes

    Does anybody know what actually fails on these units?
    B5 S4 Norgaro Blue Stage2+
    MK1 TT Quattro Stage 2
    R32 GTST type M GT2540
    Seat Ibiza GTi 16V

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    not sure, but could be the circuit board, or power supply.

    They are getting quite old now, should be a few (plenty?) on ebay (here or uk, overseas) for sale as a replacement?

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