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Thread: 2020 RS3 owner's thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by domino_z View Post
    yes i recommend it, there is no downside, other than obvious being warranty

    you get the valves to open fully in exhaust dynamic, so you can save 700 odd bucks on a valve controller, and honestly you get more than enough power than you need for a street/hill run car

    being able to flash maps at home in your garage is how canned maps should be done, i've tried multiple ecu and tcu maps and it's just so easy

    if i wasn't after a certain sound from my car, i'd happily leave it at stage 1+ with full bolt ons

    and who knows, if removing the opf makes it too loud, i'll prob end up back at stage 1+ and try that remus catback - i'm not interested in e85 on this car, i did that with my r35 and evo x build and don't want the hassle of range anxiety, plus in this climate i like using the bp/caltex fuel apps
    Sam, reading your first hand review and comments on Unitronic ECU/TCU maps, Iím more inclined to pull the trigger. So, thank you for your information.

    Do you need to uninstall your valve controller when you flashed the ECU map? Will the Uni ECU tune disable the start/stop feature? Thanks

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    @domino_z so you bought the Uniconnect cable and purchased up to stage 2 ECU and TCU I guess ? Fairly costly it seems, not a lot left from $3k, that's the only thing turning me off, that and the poor security of the personal data on their website tbh.

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    Not sure personal info is an issue, you provide a name, email address and vin anyone can get from public domain with your rego
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    OK, so I've done the Unitronic stage 2 ECU and TCU purchase and applied the stage 1+ ECU and stage 2 TCU tune. The ECU tune is good. More responsive off the line and plenty of power which is delivered pretty smoothly. My issue is with their TCU tunes. Stage 2 TCU in S (I drive in dynamic), is way too sporty. The gear shifts are horribly harsh and literally jerk you forward in your seat with every shift. I proceeded to go down to a stage 1 TCU tune, and although the D mode gear shifts are smooth, the S mode shifts are still jerky, around half the force of the stage 2 TCU gear shifts, but still there, and again, not smooth. For $1300-odd I was expecting much better, I have to say. I think I'll go back to Pete @ Volkwerke and see what he thinks and ask if I can swap the Uni TCU tune for the TVS. See if that makes a difference.
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    There is no extra clamping force with uni stage 1 tcu, what you’re feeling in the jerkiness, and I get it too on random shifts, is the torque multiplication from the ecu tune

    Once tuned you’re better off daily driving in comfort engine/trans. In dynamic the car is artificially increasing the throttle input vs pedal travel, so when you shift although you don’t think you’re accelerating hard on the pedal, the actual throttle input is much higher so you get a harder shift - this has been the case all modern cars I’ve tuned with these sport throttle modes

    But yes since I’ll need the extra clamping force in tcu tune for my stage 2 (and eventually 3) ecu tune, I’ll be switching to tvs

    In other news, making steps towards stage 2 finally

    Forge cooler is on, great looking kit
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    What work are you getting done now domino_z? Can't wait to see the result!

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    car is going to peerless next week to install my bcs catted downpipe, and eventuri inlet + intake - and i'll flash the uni stage 2 ecu and tvs stage 2

    get my AP brakes on and aim to get it all finished before xmas break so i can correct the paint over the holidays

    then just wait for uni (or other) to provide stage 3 dwna maps for the new tte600 turbo
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