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    I took my B9 A4 Avant into Southern Classic Cars Wollongong today for a couple of warranty jobs.
    Job one was a replacement thermostat. No explanation after the annual service just that I needed to bring it back. I had to ask why etc.......
    Job two was to replace the rear window tim on the LHS after the warranty replacement earlier this year was no better than original.I picked up the car
    after I decided I had given them long enough (no call, no SMS). Driver's seat had been moved and set Mirrors moved. Car set-up changed from individual to Dynamic
    Dash cam disconnected.
    A bit disappointing after being a customer for nearly twenty years.
    Is there anyone in the Illawarra who can do factory servicing of B9 Audis?

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    Sounds like someone may have given it a thrash. Only reason to disconnect the cam to remove the evidence plus all the other issues. Did you check the mileage???
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    I take my S4 to Audi centre Sydney as it's still under warranty. Have you tried in Wollongong? Camden GTI did a great job of servicing my old TT but they are still 50k's from you. It sounds like they may have taken your car to a panel-shop to have the window trim replaced? that would explain the dash cam disconnection.
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    Hey @Albervin, did you end up finding an alternative for your future service work around Wollongong?
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